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Upcycled Food Solutions.

CFCO is an Irish food business specialising in upcycling plant-based food. Now your food brand or business can reach its sustainability goals by using high quality upcycled ingredients.

Did You Know That 33% of All Food is Wasted?

Four reasons why you should consider switching to upcycled food.

Nutrient Dense

Our plant-based portfolio is high in fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals along with phenolics, prebiotics & antioxidants.

New Flavours

Our trade secreted process ensures that flavour is locked in. CFCO ingredients only enhance finished products when used.

Locally Made

With every purchase, you’re supporting Irish businesses – both us here at CFCO and the local producers where we source our foods.


Our vision is a zero-waste world. Creating ingredients from excess food is our way to help address climate change.

Our Approach

Circular Food Co gives food brands the opportunity to achieve their sustainability targets by using upcycled food ingredients. By turning excess food or by-products back into high-quality ingredients Circular Food Co is the perfect partner to help your brand and the planet. The company was founded in 2020 with one key objective – reducing food waste!

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Find out more about how we can help you and learn more about our mission for a better world.

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