Sustainable Innovation: Repurposing beer grain to make high fibre Overnight Oats 

Sustainable Innovation: Repurposing beer grain to make high fibre Overnight Oats 

Overnight oats, a staple in the healthy breakfast category, have recently undergone a sustainable makeover. This case study showcases the partnership between Deli Lites and Circular Food Co (CFCO), focusing on their innovative use of spent grain from the beer brewing process in overnight oats. This initiative not only brings a unique flavour and texture to the product but also significantly contributes to sustainability by repurposing food waste.


Spent grain, primarily composed of malted barley, is a common byproduct of the beer brewing industry. Traditionally regarded as waste or used as animal feed, its potential in human nutrition has been largely untapped. Recognizing this opportunity, CFCO specialises in transforming spent grain into valuable functional ingredients, thereby promoting a circular economy in food production.


Deli Lites, in collaboration with CFCO, has effectively utilised repurposed barley in their 'Anytime Oats' product. This initiative aligns with the growing global emphasis on sustainability, allowing breweries and food producers to drastically cut down on waste while also contributing to environmental conservation.

Flavour and Texture

The introduction of malted barley into overnight oats by CFCO adds a distinct nutty flavour and wholesome texture, enhancing the sensory appeal of the product and catering to a diverse palate.

Collaboration between Breweries and Food Producers

To make this innovation possible, collaboration between breweries and food producers is essential. Biasol collects the spent grain from breweries creating a symbiotic relationship that reduces waste by upcycling the grain into flour that can be used to add nutritional benefits and flavour to many different types of dishes. This collaboration demonstrates how different industries can work together to find sustainable solutions to waste in the food sector.

Nutritional Benefits

Spent grain, rich in dietary fibre, protein, and essential nutrients, strengthens the nutritional profile of overnight oats, appealing to consumers seeking delicious nutrient-rich food options.

Consumer Appeal

The 'Anytime Oats' with spent grain taps into the consumer market's growing appetite for nutritious and sustainable food products, offering a creative twist on a classic breakfast offering.

Food Waste Reduction

This innovative use of spent grain by Deli Lites and CFCO marks a significant stride in the global effort to minimise food waste, serving as a model for other industries on repurposing byproducts for culinary applications.

The partnership between Deli Lites and CFCO exemplifies the synergistic potential between breweries and food producers. By upcycling spent grain into ingredients, CFCO facilitates a sustainable cycle that enriches food products both nutritionally and taste-wise, showcasing innovative solutions to food waste.


The case study of Deli Lites and Circular Food Co demonstrates the successful integration of innovation and sustainability in the food industry. By addressing environmental concerns, enhancing flavour and texture, and maximising the nutritional benefits of spent grain, this collaboration has not only created a unique breakfast option but also set a precedent for sustainable practices and industry collaboration. As the focus on sustainability intensifies within the food sector, such inventive approaches are likely to become increasingly prevalent, reshaping perspectives on food waste and its culinary potential.

CEO’s Endorsement:

Brian Reid, CEO of Deli Lites, affirms, “Working with Circular Food Co was a straightforward choice. Their alignment with our values of innovation and sustainability and their expertise in upcycling brewing byproducts have been crucial in our product development and environmental initiatives. We look forward to developing more innovative products in the near future

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