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This is the Future of Food

CFCO is an Irish food business specialising in upcycling plant-based food. Now your food brand or business can reach its sustainability goals by using high value upcycled ingredients. 

Over 30% of all food produced globally goes to waste, and that's a big problem for society and the planet. Upcycled food prevents this problem by creating new, high-quality products from surplus food.

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60% of people want to buy more upcycled food products, and that's because 95% of us want to do our part to reduce food waste.

Are You Interested in Food Innovation?

Where We Add Value

We are helping customers with our upcycled ingredients in a range of different sectors. Check out some examples below.


Sports Nutrition

Food Service


Private Label

Interested And Want To Know More?

Product Portfolio

Our team has created Ireland's most sustainable ingredient portfolio. Check out our natural upcycled functional foods.

Oatmeal Cookies


Fibr-Up is a natural upcycled ingredient that can boost fibre claims. Including small amounts of Fibr-Up in your product will ensure a FSAI high fibre claim.

Yellow Lentils


Colr-Up is a natural upcycled ingredient that can help transform or enhance the colour of a finished product.

Healthy Loaf of Bread


Flav-Up is a natural upcycled ingredient that can bring a range of flavours to a finished product. Flavours range from sweet to rich malt.

It's Time To Innovate

Our mission is to upcycle leftover food sources and bring them to their highest value. We have developed high value food ingredients that can help bring further innovation to the food industry and help us all live more sustainably. 

Organizing Test Tubes
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Our Range of Upcycled Ingredients Can Help With:

  • Improving nutritional claims.

  • Enhancing flavour.

  • Enhancing/Adding natural colours.

  • Speeding up fermentation.

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