Using Byproduct of Irish Stout to Make a Healthy High Fibre Soda Bread

This case study showcases a pioneering collaboration between Circular Food Co. and O'Donoghue's Bakery in Tullamore, located just 2 km apart. The partnership aimed to create a new, healthy addition to O'Donoghue's product range—a high-fibre penny loaf—while emphasising sustainability and nutrition.


O'Donoghue's Bakery sought to expand their product line with a high-fibre penny loaf, but they needed a solution that would not only meet nutritional and taste standards but also align with their commitment to sustainable practices.


Circular Food Co. team, leveraging their expertise in sustainable food innovation, designed a prototype using one of their signature products, Fibre-Up. This ingredient, sourced as a byproduct from an Irish craft brewery, presented a unique opportunity to upcycle and add nutritional value. The Fibre-Up ingredient was key in developing a bread that harmoniously blended taste, sustainability, and nutrition.


The addition of the Fibre-Up ingredient, originally a byproduct of stout production, transformed the penny loaf into a high-fibre, nutritious product. This initiative not only prevented grain waste but also added significant value by reincorporating it into a delicious and healthy bakery item.

Impact on Circular Economy and Climate Change:

This collaboration between two members of Bord Bia's Origin Green program exemplifies how local businesses can contribute to a circular economy in the Irish food sector. By upcycling a byproduct and creating a product with a reduced environmental impact, this partnership serves as a model for sustainable innovation in the food industry, actively contributing to the reduction of climate change effects.


The successful collaboration between Circular Food Co. and O'Donoghue's Bakery demonstrates the power of local partnerships in driving sustainable innovation. By integrating upcycled ingredients into mainstream food products, this project not only delivered high-quality, nutritious bread but also set a precedent for future sustainable practices in the Irish food industry.

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